From Chairperson's Desk

The objectives of taking up this responsibility are many. It primarily originates from sheer admiration of the magnanimity of this wonderful campus along with the aspirations to elevate the campus to a new level of excellence. The vision myself and my team have, is the upbringing of every single child to the altitude of a global citizen, while preserving the cultural values and balance.

The challenges are wide, and to overcome that, I have the highest expectations from the staff, parents, the fellow executive committee members and student body. It is a matter of making of a team aiming “Excellence” in whatever we do.

J. K. International school endeavours to fly high and the effort would be further made to raise it to a respectable height. If there are forces behind to support, it will certainly be possible. Central to this vision is the drive and determination to ensure that everyone maximizes their potential and performance in all strands of school activities....Read More

Jitendra Singh

From Vice- Chairperson's Desk

It has been a decade since our endeavour to blend Indian Values with global outlook in our students began. The experience has been very encouraging. We strongly believe that only with strong family and cultural values that our children can grow to become a complete personality. I am glad to share that we have taken care of strengthening all the four pillars for a good education in a school. These are curriculum, faculty, methodology and evaluation/supervisory tools. We wish to achieve excellence in each area of child development.

Realising the important role technology plays in our life today, we have introduced school expert management system to manage, analyze and use data for efficient decision making in the best interest of the students, thus making us the pioneer in the use of technology for the efficiency and transparency in the system.... Read More

Chandra Shikha Singh
Vice Chairperson